As part of the research project, we conducted six field visits to Kenya thus far, i.e. Nairobi (10-15 November 2014), Nairobi (20-24 April 2015) and Meru (22-26 June 2015), Meru (April 2016), Meru (June 2016), Nairobi and Meru (October-November 2016); and two field visits to Zambia, i.e. Lusaka (11 December 2014) and Lusaka (13-17 April 2015).

During these field visits, the research team met and interviewed a large number of key stakeholders and gave presentations of the research project in order to secure commitment from local organisations in Kenya and Zambia to take part in the project. Various partnership agreements were signed and plans for implementation were established. During the last three visits to Kenya, fieldworks in Meru were conducted to establish randomised control trials.